Top Tips in Getting an Internship

Top Tips in Getting an Internship: Students or recent graduates enroll in internships for many reasons like to gain hands-on experience, to get skills that could help them in their future careers. No matter the position or the industry you want to work for, you have to know that an internship will help you. The first thing you have to know before choosing an internship is to find the right internship that fits your career goals. In this article are offered the top tips in getting an internship.

Before setting up your mind to get an internship, determine your priorities. This will help you in choosing the right internship for you. Here are few example questions you need to get clarified.

  • Do you want to do an internship for a career-related experience?
  • Does the internship you are looking for allow you to travel or explore new places?
  • Do you want to do the internship to pay off the college tuition fees?
  • Do you want to work because you have plenty of free time and want to use it creatively?

Tips in Getting an Internship

One of the first places you can visit to get an internship is the career service department from your college or university. So, check out the career service department and see what you can find about internships. The department can help you plan your career and can help you get an internship and to get industry contacts. This department has a community network of companies looking for interns to help them.

Another idea is to contact professors from your college to find out if they have any contacts looking to hire an intern to gain hands-on experience. You should know that your professors can have many contacts in the industry or field that you are interested in.

Ask your parents if they know professionals in their network or if they have friends or colleagues that might need an intern to help them with their daily activities. This kind of internship can help you build a solid resume, gain hands-on experience, and to become more valuable for a job position in your industry.

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Career Fairs

Visit career fairs because there is a chance to find many internship openings that will fit your career goals. At career, fairs are hundreds of companies who want to contact and hire college students or recent graduates. By visiting these career fairs, you can talk to the representatives of the companies to get some contacts.

Visit every career fair that you hear about, talk with the companies about their offers, and research what companies have or might have in the future openings for internships. If there are not any internship openings, you can ask the companies that you are interested in if they might have internships available in the future.

Participate In Lectures

You can participate in lectures in your field of interest, not only to learn about specialized topics in your industry but to meet the speakers of these events. Introduce yourself and ask for their advice in the profession. You can also leave your contact information in case they might need help with a project or they have an internship program.


Another option that the student can consider is to check internship sites. These internship sites are created to educate and inform students of internships. On these sites, students can find advice about internships, industry updates, internship postings. Some qualified sites offer this kind of information and students can only find them through research.

If the student has exhausted all means of research, they can start making cold calls. He can begin with the companies that he would like to work for and call them or e-mail them regarding an opening for an internship. Finding the best internship for you is hard, so use this article as a guideline to find the one that best fits your career goals.