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[Best] Massage Chair And Massage Chair Price 2020



Best Massage Chair

If you are searching for a massage chair for your home or office then you are in that place to today, I am going share with you the best massage chair available in budget price online. Which include a top brand like Robotuoch, Panasonic, irest, JSB, Osim, Recliner, etc with many functions like full body massage, zero gravity massage, foot, and leg massage.

List of  Top 5 Massage Chair (Latest Update)

1. Relax on chair M.K. Two Plus
2. Osaki OS 3D. Pro
3. Osaki OS 4000T.C.- Model OS-4000T.
4. Osaki OS-7075RC. Model OS- 7075R
5. Panasonic EP-MA73KU

1.     Relax on chair M.K. Two Plus

Relax on chair M.K. Two Plus

Two Plus features one hand operation with the remote controller that has a simple and easy to use design.

This chairs rollers massage your body grimly yet gently, to reduce air bag pressure is perfect for the arms in caps.

you’ll have four different automatic massage programs to choose from they’re also three levels of air bag intensity control and three speed settings.

It minimizes the strain of gravity on your vertebrae by keeping your feet the same level as your heart.

This chair also features soft green synthetic leather to keep you comfortable throughout your massage you can get a relaxing deep tissue massage with this chair it’s designed to provide full-body massage chair.

The multiple airbags will cover your hip and waistline inflating for compression massage to alleviate lower back pain.

Relax on chair M.K. Two Plus

Massage Chair

• Lower back heating there to heating pads in the lower back area that enhances your overall massage experience each time.

• Computerized body scanning this chair uses a built-in sensor that automatically measures the length of your spine so it knows where to massage.

• The zero-gravity design of this chair keeps your feet at the same level as your heart to reduce strain on your back.

• Lots of control options you have three different settings for intensity and speed control so you get the perfect massage every time.

• Comfortable the thickly padded leather material keeps you comfortable and relaxed at all times.

• Long-lasting durable high-end materials used to make this chair mean that it will last for a very long time.

particularly beneficial for those with lower back and hip pain.

Massage chair Price: 1,37,041.52 Indian Rupee

✔️ Pro
FULL-SIZE REMOTE CONTROLLERLarge viewing screen to easily visualize what functions the chair has activated.
CALF & FOOT MASSAGERHuman-like massage throughout the body and the stretching function.
LOWER BACK HEATING2 heating pads in the lower back.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGEWith vigorous air cells pinning your body in place, the chair moves you to a calculated routine.
✖️ Con
The foot massage operates can be somewhat painful depending on however sensitive you’re this massage chair can give you with variant choices to get the best massage no matter what it’s particularly useful for those with lower back and hip pain.

2. Osaki OS 3D. Pro

Osaki OS 3D. Pro

The Osaki OS 3D. professional offers you complete comfort from head to toe. Its 3D massage and zero gravity function gives best massage to your body.

Massage Chair India

This chair also uses heating pads to reduce inflammation and discomfort in your lower back one of the unique things about this massage chair is its speakers. You Can Listen to MP3 Songs while taking full body massage.

The general sound quality is amazingly smart and it’ll enhance your overall expertise when.

This chair has sensors that scan your body to determine which massage will be most beneficial this takes all the guesswork out of selecting the right setting there’s also

The full-size remote control that you can use to select one of nine different preset programs.

The airbag massage design of this chair squeezes and twist your shoulders lumbar and hips for the best therapeutic results.

Massage chair Price: 3,04,705.24 Indian Rupee

✔️ Pro
SpeakersThe MP3 connection this feature is built-in MP three connection lets you play music while getting a nice relaxing massage
Full size remoteThe total size remote that comes with this chair can allow you to select the settings you wish for the right massage expertise.
Auto Legs scan featureMakes adjustments to the foot and calf areas according to the length of the uses legs.
Deep tissue massageGreat deep tissue massage capabilities you’ll get wonderful deep tissue massages with this chair to relax your body fully.
Fast resultsThe heat therapy function of this chair gives you fast relief for noticeable results within minutes.
✖️ Con
The user height varies of this chair may be a bit restricted creating it somewhat frustrating for taller users the numerous advanced options of this massage chair build it a good overall investment it will accommodate the wants of almost about anyone.

  3. Osaki OS 4000T.C.- Model OS-4000T.

Osaki OS 4000T.C.

Osaki OS 4000T.C features an upgraded design with computer body scan. This chair contains a sensor that continuously acknowledges which kind of massage are most useful for you.

Full Body Massage Chair

Zero gravity design keeps you positioned in such a way as to eliminate vertebrae strain.

The air massage technology provides you with light however firm massaging power

That may cause you to feel higher everywhere there is additionally the auto recline feature that makes it easier to relax once you are during this chair.

The leg extension is particularly useful for taller users this massage chair comes with a remote control

That you can use to switch between the six unique auto programs.

It additionally allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage according to your desires

Massage chair Price: 190060.37 Indian Rupee

✔️ Pro
Wireless ControllerWireless controller the device this chair comes with can provide you with the flexibility to settle on the massage settings you wish.
 Zero Gravity Massage Chairzero gravity design this chair zero gravity design makes it easy to get a relaxing massage without any strain on your lower back.
Vibration Seat Massagevibration seat massage even the seed of this chair vibrates which can be very therapeutic.
✖️ Con
Some customers have reported problems with the shoulder pads inflating improperly with countless completely different massage sorts as well as speed and intensity settings you may certainly get your money’s value with this chair it’s well matched to simply about everybody offering a spread of therapeutic advantages.

4. Osaki OS-7075RC. Model OS- 7075R

Osaki OS-7075RC

All new foot rolling massage to treat and stop pain in your feet. it is also tight body stretching massage which might be useful for several people. the infrared body scan technology this chair users can forever assist you get the correct massage to match your needs.

There are six different health care auto programs for you to choose from so you won’t be limited in your massage choices.

The powerful thirteen motor system in this chair makes it powerful will still working gently so as not to cause any injury.

Some of the other options you have with this chair include header massaged fatigue relieving air massage adjustable air massage and outer shoulder massage.

Massage chair Price: 327178.07 Indian Rupee

✔️ Pro
Thai body Stretching MassageThe Thai body stretching massage option is effective at reducing tension all over the body.
Heat TherapyMild heat therapy the heating pads during this massage chair will minimize discomfort with noticeable results in simply seconds.
Full Body MassageFull body massage the forty-six airbags during this chair provide you with a full body massage for total relief
✖️ Con

5. Panasonic EP-MA73KU

Panasonic EP-MA73KU

Massage system that this chair use delivers intricate shiatsu massage techniques that target various pressure points all over the body it’ll give you a quick and easy way to.

There six automatic massage programs to choose from but you also have the option of customizing your own.

You can do manual combinations of need alternate shot to Swedish and rolling slash tapping this means that you can count on getting your needs met every single time.

Massage chair Price: 609408.19 Indian Rupee

✔️ Pro
3D Massage SystemThis chair 3D massage system uses time tested techniques to assist you relax a lot of expeditiously than ever.
Automatic massage programsThe six unique massage programs enable you to quickly get the relief you need.
Heat massageDual Zone heated massage their area unit 2 areas of this chair that he met the proper levels of warmth to unwind and relax your muscles.
Voice Activated ControlsThe voice-activated controls this chair offers make it simple to perform a range of commands while not victimization your hands.
✖️ Con
This massage chair is not an honest alternative for taller people that are over six foot 2. This massage chair offers you a good range of massage techniques and programs to settle on from it is also terribly comfortable to sit down and while not using the massage functions in the slightest degree.

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