Best Power BI Resume Format For Freshers [Word]

Power BI Resume Format

Power BI Resume writing can be quite a challenge. Whether for the seasoned worker or for the new college graduate who is making an entry into the corporate world. Especially now that there is an economic recession and hundreds of people are competing for the same jobs.

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Power BI Resume Format

Power BI Resume Format

Your Name

Email [email protected]
Cell phone number:

Career Objectives:

Passionate about data analytics with a degree in economics and statistics. Seeking opportunities where I can utilize my analytical, mathematical, and technical skills to solve real-life problems related to analyzing a big volume of datasets to draw insights that can help with business decisions


Bachelor in economics and statistics


  • Programming: Python, R, SQL, Excel VBA Macros
  • Visualization: Tableau, Power BI, Excel Charts, Jupiter Notebook
  • Database: MySQL
  • Soft Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, presentation and storytelling skills


Fundamentals of Statistics       JAVA Programming     Data Analysis With Excel
Financial Accounting   Audit/Corporate Governance   Macro Economics

Academic Projects:

Infinity Automotive Data Analysis

  • Infinity automotive is Pune, India-based automobile parts and service provider. As part of our industrial visit to this company, they offered their dataset on automobile services and part sales. Data was provided as a collection of CSV files.
  • The prepared data model for the above database and ingested these CSV files into the MySQL database
  • Used SQL to perform various analyses such as sales growth in services and parts. SLAs for service orders detected inefficiencies in their sales and marketing process
  • Used Power BI for plotting various trends
  • Downloaded subset of their service data into excel and plotted pie charts, bar charts for demographic breakdown, downtime hours, etc

Certifications and Awards:

  • IBM professional data science certification
  • Won best student award for exceptional work in the classification of healthcare documents
  • Contributed to pandas open source (3 PRs accepted)
  • Ranked 4th in a data analytics hackathon arranged at my university

Personal Details:

Marital Status:
Languages known:
Permanent Address: 


I declare that the information and the facts stated here above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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