Why the One Word Interview Answer is not Enough

one word answer is not enough

One Word Interview Answer: The interview is the most important part of a job application. Usually, it is also the hardest part and many applicants make such mistakes that often can cost them the job. There are hundreds of tips and pointers that the applicant has to know before the interview, but the most important part is the interviewer’s questions.

Many candidates don’t know if it is good to give a yes or no answer or if it is best to give a detailed answer. You have to know that the one-word answer is ineffective and that might sometimes cost you the job.

One Word Interview Answer

Sometimes, there are situations when the questions asked by the interviewer require only a yes or a no answer, but be careful because many times the interviewer is looking for more than a short answer. Hiring managers offer applicants many questions so that they can find out as much as they can about their experience, skills, and personality.

So if you don’t offer them a full answer to their questions, they might not understand completely what you are saying. As a result, never answer using one word, but instead, follow these useful steps.

You have to know that no matter what the employer asks you, he is interested in the results. For example, if they ask you if you helped the company to achieve some important goals, don’t just say yes or no. Explain what the situation was and how much did you help the company.

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Many interview questions – One Word Interview Answer

Many interview questions that are addressed refer to money. So, don’t offer them a one-word answer but describe the situation and the results. For example, they may ask you if you saved the company a certain amount of money or if you helped them achieve profits and in what percentage.

Interviewers value the applicant’s ability to listen to their question and then analyze it so that the answer is exactly what they are looking for. By doing this, the employer can see you as a potential employee who can take initiative, who can analyze a situation for optimum efficiency and can offer them the final product.

Listen Carefully – One Word Interview Answer

If you don’t understand a question clearly, don’t just answer with yes or no, but ask them to repeat it or to clarify for a better understanding. You can avoid this by actively listening to your employer throughout the entire interview. But, if you did this and you are still confused, just ask questions.

By doing so, the employer can see that you are interested in the job and that you don’t just assume you understand something, but that you can find the best solution for a problem.
Another aspect that you have to respect is to listen carefully so that you can optimize your answers and avoid just answering with one word. If you don’t listen carefully, you might respond in an incorrect manner to a question, a thing that might cost you the job.


Every applicant knows that interviews are the most important part of a job application. So every candidate has to be careful to do his best, to be professional, and to make sure that he answers the questions properly. Follow the steps mentioned above so that you avoid giving a one-word answer when the question deserves a more detailed one.

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