The Grand Indian Wedding Industry

Indian Wedding Industry: Today the wedding planning segment is run by seasoned and well-trained event planners and vendors. Each year, the wedding planning industry expands at the rate of 24%. Event management professionals are taking the plunge of materializing D-day fancies. Indian weddings account for the most significant contribution to the flourishing events industry. In India, marriage is like a carnival featuring decor, entertainment, hospitality, guest management, and food arrangements for each ritualistic celebration.

What are the reasons behind people talking to wedding or event planners instead of arranging things on their own. Let us decode the superb opportunities associated with the wedding management sector and how event management aspirants can benefit from it.


New Age Wedding Planning

Modernization has incredibly impacted the Indian wedding industry in this contemporary era. Gone are the days when weddings were a local cordiality among near and dear ones. Now, expert wedding planners are hired to arrange all the necessities pertaining to this industry. As a result, family members of the couple can enjoy the wedding to the fullest, leaving all the hassles on the shoulders of the wedding planners.

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Full-Fledged Entertainment

The family members of the would-be bride or groom don’t wish to miss out on even a second of excitement and happiness before this beautiful phase in their lives. Wedding planners provide relief from the hassle of booking venues, hiring the vendors, and supervising the caterers, technicians, florists, decorators, and so forth. The host, too, desires to enjoy the wedding as much as the guests, but that was hardly possible back then. The present trend of event management keeps the hosts free of worries and delights them all through the events.

Indian Wedding Industry

Destination Weddings

Many couples hire sincere and hardworking wedding planners to organize their immemorial weddings. across the beaches of Goa, the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan, or even abroad. Event or wedding managers are like magicians who can either transfer your desired wedding ambiance to an overseas location. Exotic floral decorations, grand seating, belvedere construction, architectural embellishments, and innovative guest recreation facilities based on the theme get arranged in no time. Destination weddings also furnish a chance to emulate the celebrity lifestyle and enjoy the luxurious and exotic destinations of the pre-decided venues.

Indian Wedding Industry

Luxury or Theme Weddings

A unique and classy wedding is everyone’s cup of tea. Imagine Beyonce performing live at your grand wedding. Yes, you read it right. Luxury weddings are all about exhibiting your great fame and aura. And for this, experienced wedding planners have to work day and night to make the wedding show a success. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy and attract attention from your invitees. Apart from being laden with the rich heritage of community rituals. Celebrity management is an arduous job that trained professionals can only accomplish.

” Urban India has reached the globally acclaimed wedding celebrations with the grand Indian event cum wedding management industry as its foundation. Event management graduates are skilled enough to handle all these tasks mentioned above with great expertise. NAEMD’s courses provide the upcoming event managers with theoretical and on-field training of all skills and knowledge-base. “

NAEMD is an institute dedicated to producing highly professional individuals in the field of the Wedding Industry. With the focused aim of creating professionally, academically, and ethically sound event managers.

The institute offers practical training to the students by giving them exposure to more than 1000 events and participating in such events can help the students manage events. The college will offer courses in Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, and Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, and Media. For More Information Visit Event Management Institute

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