Best Indian CV Format For Fresher Students [PDF]

Indian CV Format

As such there are no rules to writing an Indian CV Format but you must write a CV in a manner that gives a clear idea about you. This includes all your details of yours like educational qualification, professional experience, personal details, and achievements. The CV should be written in a manner that gives its reader a reflection of your character and your abilities.

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Given below is an Indian CV Format. You can follow this format and make your CV more effective for the reader.

Indian CV Format

Indian CV Format


[email protected]
Cell phone number:
Home or office phone:

Career Objective:

Here you have to give a clear idea about your objectives like why you want to join the organization and regarding your career aim. You should also clear your possible approach for the job.

Professional Experience:

Here you have to give all the details of your professional work experience including the name of the companies and for how many years you have worked for the same company. Also, add the details about your job profile.


State all your degrees along with the name of the universities. Give details about other certifications if you have any other than your main degree.


Here give a clear idea of all your achievements in your career. If you are applying as a beginner then also mention the things which you can do best as per your ability that also gives an idea about your strengths.


Give an idea about the activities which you are doing in your free time.


Give references if requested.


Final Words

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