How to Get Visa for India – Guide for Foreign Tourists

How to Get Visa for India

As per government rules, foreign nationals need a valid visa to travel to India. That can be gained from the Indian Mission or consulate offices where they are living currently. After writing about many tourist destinations in India, I felt it is necessary to write a post on How to get a visa for India. If you are planning for India, hope this informative post will be quite helpful for you.

If you ever visited here and know how to get a visa for India that’s fine. You also need to be aware of new policies and rules. From time to time government does necessary changes in rules and regulations, and old rules may not be applicable now. I am here to guide you with the latest updates on getting a visa to India.

First of all, you need to know what type of visas the Indian government offers and what your actual requirement to come to India is. As per rule Indian government offers visas such as business visas, conference visas, diplomatic, employment, tourist, student, and medical visa, etc. All these types of visas have specific time duration and approval processes. I would recommend you to look deeply below regarding the types of visas in India.

Types of Visa in India?

Tourist Visa – Granted for 180 days

Transit Visa – Granted for 15 days (return/onward journey ticket is required as a document with application)

Business Visa – up to 5 years (Company’s invitation letter is needed as proof)

Employment Visa – 1 year or period of the contract (Proof of employment is needed along with application)

Student Visa – for a period of course or 5 years (Proof of admission in Indian Institution)

Foreigners of Indian Origin – 5 years (Proof of being of Indian Origin)

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How to Apply for Indian Visa?

First of all, you need to check your eligibility for the visa you are applying for. Read foreigner acts and rules carefully. If you clarify all requirements to get a valid visa for India, go to the next step-

  • Make sure you are working on a healthy computer I mean it is working fine for time being with a printer. You have also the internet explorer’s latest browser installed and the latest version of PDF viewer software such as adobe reader.
  • Confirm you have your all personal, document details and a digital photograph in JPEG format with a minimum size of 10kb to a maximum of 300kb.
  • Go to Government’s Official website to submit the online application. Select Indian Mission correctly as it belongs where you are currently living. Fill in all required details correctly that match your documents such as personal details and passport number etc. Make sure once saved form will not be editable again so watch it carefully before hitting the final submit button.
  • After submitting your online visa application successfully take a printout of a confirmation page and submit it to the concerned Indian Visa Application Center or go to the Indian Mission office on the scheduled date of the interview along with supporting documents.

How to Check Status of Indian Visa Application?

Now you have done your online application process successfully and want to track your status. You may track the status of your application on Indian Visa Online Application’s official website by filling required details. Click here to check the status.

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