How to Explain Job Hopping When Facing an Interview

Job Hopping

Job interviews intimidate every candidate. Most candidates lose confidence when bombarded with questions during an interview; especially if you have an unstable or a job-hopping history in your career. The question is, how do you explain job-hopping? Everyone has lapses in their career or employment history, which may sometimes look like job-hopping.

If you have been job-hopping quite frequently, you have to prepare yourself to explain to your employer the reason for the same and also convince them the fact that you are a valuable candidate for the job. 

You have to know that when an interviewer sees the applicant’s job history with many jobs, where he spent a small amount of time, he thinks that the candidate is irresponsible towards his career or not serious about building a strong career for himself.

Neither of these options is good for the candidate, so if you have been continuously hopping jobs in your career, you have to be prepared to explain it. Below are some tips and pointers on how to explain it to your future employers so that you can present yourself as a valuable candidate.

  • How you can present yourself as a valuable candidate The first thing you have to explain to the employer is the reason for your frequent job changes. Some reasons that determined your career path could be owing to personal demands, or if you received a better job offer, or if you have been facing family issues.
  • Candidates have to gauge the reason that might look more responsible to the employer. Career decisions are huge decisions in a person’s life. The applicant should make the employer realize that circumstances made them take these decisions. For example, illness, family relocation, death, or other problems. Applicants who have a lot of empty spots in their career history can use one of these reasons.
  • Most candidates are laid back in the initial phase of their career. If you do not have any good reasons for quitting your previous jobs, you have to be honest with your employer. Many applicants have a tough period in their lives or have been irresponsible in some periods, but the best thing they can do is to admit it.
  • Demonstrate your growth and the things you learned since that period. Show specific examples of your growth, so that the employer can take a better look at your personal development.
  • Another thing you can do to explain job hopping is to explain the positions you undertook in the previous job and connect them with the current position. You can create a connection between them by emphasizing the skills you have gained and how effective those skills can be proved in the present job.
  • Emphasize general skills like communication or leadership skills because these are most valued by the employer. Give examples of how you used these skills in every position and present to the employer how valuable these skills are for the company and for the position you are applying for.

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Things to Remember

Employers know that for every career-minded applicant the keyword is a success, even though this means job hopping or career-changing. So, if you are one of the applicants with many laps in your career history, you should not be worried or stressed. Instead, show and demonstrate to your employer how these jobs and experiences added important value to your career and why you are the perfect candidate for the job.


Follow these useful steps in your argumentation, explain the reason for your frequent job-hopping, be honest and assume responsibility for your actions, tie positions together so that the employer can see the connection between them. Another important thing you have to remember is to demonstrate to your employer that job-hopping was a useful experience in your career.

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