About Entry Level Accountant Jobs

Entry Level Accountant Jobs

When you complete your studies and think about beginning a career, you obviously will not think of joining as the CEO or MD of a company. You will naturally have to begin from the beginning. When you begin your study you do not directly jump to tenth or twelfth grade, you naturally start from Entry Level Accountant Jobs.

This is done for the simple reason that you cannot understand the workings and procedures of the upper grade until and unless you know well the grades below it. You cannot reach the top of the stairs without stepping on the first stair. Similarly, entry-level jobs are the stepping stones to reaching a great peak in your career.

Things You Should Know About Entry Level Accountant Jobs

An entry-level candidate will be trained while on the job and will be working at the same time. He/she will also be paid for the job. So it is a very good opportunity to learn as well as work. Entry-level jobs in accounting are also of the same nature. On this page, we will look into some of the characteristics and nature of accounting jobs.

Applicants with finance or accounting degrees can easily find well-paid jobs. Those with higher education and experience can have profitable careers in both the private and public sectors. College graduates and those who are still in school with an accounting degree can expect the following entry-level accountant jobs.

Job Description of Accountant

The main job and function of an accountant are to analyze and review someone’s financial actions: spending but also receiving money. Auditors and accountants can work in many industries, both in the private and public sectors. Accountants usually have these functions: government accounting, management, internal auditing, and public interests.

The tasks or responsibilities are somehow the same depending on the functions one chooses. Accountants usually work 40 hours per week in an office environment. A disadvantage of accountant jobs is that applicants often bring homework beyond their normal 40 hours schedule.

Also depending on the industry, entry-level accountants have to travel long periods to perform accounting for different clients. Entry-level accountants have to be prepared for a busy tax time. Tax time requires many hours especially, for entry-level accountants who work for a tax service firm or for those who work as freelance consultants.
When starting as an entry-level accountant, education is an important factor in establishing the kind of position the applicant will have.

For example, associates accounting degrees allow accountants to start in a junior accountant position. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees allow applicants to start as entry-level accountants and to be competitive and to gain an entry-level accountant job one needs to have training in auditing, cost management, federal taxation, and accounting information systems.

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Entry Level Accountant Jobs Salary

Most entry-level accountant jobs offer a salary of approximately $35.000. The median salary for accountants is approximately $63.000 annually according to the latest reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here is other information regarding the pay scale for entry-level accountant jobs.

The most popular companies for entry-level accountant jobs are PricewaterhouseCoopers which offers an annual range salary between $48.595 and $55.796; Deloitte & Touche LLP which offers a salary range of $45.249 and $55.495; Grant Thornton Llp offers entry-level accountants an annual salary between $45.201 and $51.175.

The most popular industries where applicants can find entry-level accountant jobs are financial services, where candidates can earn up to $44.197; then accounting, auditing, and tax services, an industry that offers applicants an annual salary of almost $44.078; manufacturing, and distribution is another well-paid sector with almost $44.029 and then healthcare with $43.504 per year.

Education is another important factor when discussing entry-level accountants’ salaries. For example, applicants with a Bachelor of Business of Administration (BBA) in Accounting have a salary range between $33.364 and $49.553; those with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting can earn between $30.252 and $45.845; applicants with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting can earn up to $45.791.

Entry-level accountant jobs offer beyond higher salaries and bonuses with other benefits like medical insurance (76%); dental insurance (57%), and vision insurance (41%).
Entry-level accountant jobs are in high demand, and applicants with higher education can earn well-paid salaries, bonuses, and important medical benefits.

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