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Bajaj EMI Card | How to Apply for Bajaj EMI Card



Today we will share information about Bajaj No Cost EMI Card, first of all we will talk about what benefits we get from taking Bajaj Emi card.

Number 1.

You can take any product on No Cost EMI. Suppose we bought a mobile of Rs. 70000 from bajaj finance card, if we would buy it in 6 months instalments, then it would be 10,000 rupees per month. Apart from that, you will not have to pay even 1 rupee extra. So in this way you can pay 6000 rupees separately for 6 months by doing 10000 rupees, this is its biggest benefit.

 You can do it online like TV, Mobile, Air cooler  Whichever is the electronic product or on which the offer is available, you can buy everything.

Number 2 .

The second benefit is that there are as many top ecommerce websites as Paytm, Amazon, Flip kart, Make my trip can benefit you on all of these from Bajaj No Cost Emi Card.

Number 3

Bajaj Emi card is that you can shop online with this and you don’t have to pay extra for 1 rupee if you  do offline shopping with this, because there is a lot of shopkeeper partners with Bajaj  Finserv Company, so when you take any product from them, you will get some extra in the name of proxy fees. You can give money, but in online you do not have to pay anything extra.

How to apply for Bajaj EMI Card

The company says that you can make this card both online and offline, but in order to make you offline the card will be the easiest to make online. You can also visit Bajaj’s website or mobile app and apply for making Bajaj EMI Card.

Require Document For Bajaj EMI Card

  • Whoever wants to get this card made in his name should be older than 21 years and should be working for 60 years under second condition.
  • Bajaj has more than 13000 partners and more then 60000 shopkeepers. Meaning if you live in any city, you will easily find a shop with a partner with Bajaj.
  • If you want to make this card for yourself, then you have to take any product of 7000 for yourself if you want to take this card for yourself.
  • For this you will need 3 document, Aadhar card, pen card and copy of bank pass book.

Now we talk about how much it costs when we make Bajaj emi cards and how much will it cost annually.

When you go to make Bajaj EMI Card offline, then it costs Rs 750 and its annual fee is Rs 117, now the company does not provide physical  card, you get a virtual card, which you can use with Bajaj’s official application. If you buy a product with Bajaj Emi card, then whatever passbook you provide a photo copy of, then that bank account gets linked with your Bajaj card, on the 1st of the month, EMI money is deducted a month but there must be money in your account. If for some reason you do not pay the monthly instalment, then it is charged a penalty of Rs. 750 and a bank charge of Rs. 300. Whenever you add money to your account, the bank will take money from you and Bajaj EMI.

If you do not give, then Bajaj will file a case on you and then no bank will ever loan you for life time.

For more information call

Bajaj Emi Card Customer Care : 08698010101


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