How to Reach Bheemashankar Temple?

Bheemashankar Temple

Bheemashankar is another shrine of Lord Shiva. It is counted as the sixth Jyotirlinga in twelve. It is a very ancient temple of Shiva and is located in the Pune district of Maharashtra (India). This holy site has much respect and importance in devotees’ hearts that’s why people come from every place.

It is believed that those who worship this form of Shiva get everything in the world. Lord satisfied him with his blessings and grace.

Visual Information of the Bheemashankar Temple?

It is a very ancient temple and is located in the middle of the forest.  Bheemashankar temple is made with the attractive artistic method and its beauty touch to heart. About 50 fit high peak is situated over the temple and on the main place Jyotirlinga (idol) is established. There is a pond on the side of the temple where generally visitors take bath. Mainly devotees come here on the occasion of the Shivaratri festival.

Other places on the site

If you want to visit this temple, keep in mind there are other visual places too and you can take benefit. On the main road of the site, there is a goddess temple. You can get blessings from there too. This site is located in the middle part of the forest that’s why people are prohibited to go at unknown places. For safety please do not avoid it.

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Where to stay?

Being located from out of city and population, there no proper facility to stay. Visit there in the daytime and return till evening. But tourists belong from outside; they may stay in main city hotels, guest houses.

How to reach Bheemashankar Temple?

Tourists may go to this temple via airways and Pune is a very close airport 130km away from the temple while it is 230km far from Mumbai too.

For rail passengers, the National Railway station is the nearest stop located on the Mumbai-Pune line near Kalyan Junction. The site is about 25km away local taxis are available to reach the temple. If you want to go via road service go to Pune and direct services are available.

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