Ayodhya Tourist Places – Most Visited Shrine of Hinduism

Ayodhya Tourist Places, also known as Saket is situated on the bank of Sarayu River in District Faizabad of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a very olden city in India which is about 6km away from Faizabad. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama who was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. The great epic Ramayana is based on Ayodhya itself.

Every day thousands of Devotees of Lord Rama and tourists visit this holy city. No one can count the rush of people in the special event of Ayodhya. These special events take place in Shavan month called Lakshman Jhoola and Shri Ram Navmi (Birthday of Lord Rama). I recommend visiting Ayodhya for these special events.

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Ayodhya Tourist Places

Being a place of Lord Rama and a city of Worship, Ayodhya is full of tourist places. There are many famous temples and riverbanks to visit. Take a look at Ayodhya Tourist Places-

  • Shri Ram Janmabhoomi – It is the main campus of Lord Rama’s birthplace. It is in form of an unconstructed temple full of high security. There is a religious dispute about the place. But you can still visit and see Lord Rama’s birthplace under special security.
  • Hanuman Garhi – Hanuman Garhi is the places of Lord Hanuman. This temple is located at the center of Ayodhya and near Janmabhoomi. Tourist who visit Ayodhya also takes blessings of Hanuman. By the way, people come here every day but Tuesday is the special day of Lord Hanuman.
  • Kanak Bhawan – It is a temple where Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s idols are established with ornaments of Gold.
  • Ramkot – Ramkot is the main place of worship in Ayodhya, you can participate in the special event of Ram Navmi.
  • Nageshwarnath Temple – It is another famous temple of Ayodhya. According to references, it was built by Kush (son of Lord Rama).
  • Chakravarti Maharaj Dashrath Mahal – It is the place of Maharaj Dashrath located at Ramkot Ayodhya.
  • Angad Tila
  • Shri Rama Janaki Birla Temple
  • Tulsi Smarak Bhawan
  • Ram ki Paidi
  • Kaleramji ka Mandir
  • Datuvan Kund
  • Janki Mahal
  • Gurudwara Brahma Kund
  • Brahma Kund
  • Amaran Temple
  • Tulsi Chaura
  • Laxman Quila
  • Ram Katha Museum
  • Valmiki Ramayan Bhawan
  • Mandir Sunder Sadan
  • Mani Parvat

How to Reach Ayodhya?

Visitors can reach Ayodhya by Rail, Airways, and Roadways too. There are three nearest Airports Faizabad (6km away), and Lucknow (140km away). By Rail Nearest railway station is Ayodhya but Faizabad is the main Junction. You can also reach Ayodhya by Roadways.

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