Best Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India

Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India

The airline industry is fast growing and the number of candidates applying for jobs in this field is growing every day. It is important to send a well-written resume that highlights the features that you need for a job in the airline industry. Today the jobs in the airline industry are not limited to pilots and air hostesses. An Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India should highlight the candidate’s professional experience, educational background, skills, and achievements relevant to the job profile one is applying for.

Air Hostess Resume is divided into various sections such as contact information, job objective, professional experience, educational qualification, special training, and references. Your resume creates your first impression on the employer. You need to highlight the appropriate features in your resume so that they are easily read by the employer.

Various sections in the Air Hostess Resume are as follows:

Job Objective:

Write a customized job objective for every job you apply for. Avoid writing a generic job objective. By reading your job objective, the employer must understand the kind of job profile you are looking for, your work experience, and your skills. You can even mention why you want to work for the particular company.

A good example of an airline resume is: To utilize my knowledge, skills, and experience gained through my previous job as a test pilot, to learn advanced techniques of AFSC level. I would like to consistently improve my performance in air safety and delivery.

Professional experience:

Provide the details of your work experience. You can use bullet points to list them. When you are mentioning your work experience details, provide the details of your roles and responsibilities related to the airline field. Mention the duties you have performed, and the rewards you received for your excellent performance.

Those applying for air traffic controller jobs can mention the details of air traffic controlling skills they learned in their previous job and the safe landing they conducted and the accidents they prevented. Those applying for airplane flight attendant jobs need to mention the details of their customer service skills and the awards they received for their excellent customer service.

If you are applying for a clerical job in this industry, mention your computer proficiency, responsibilities undertaken in this profile, clerical skills, and knowledge about the work procedure of this industry.

Educational Qualification:

Those who have completed their graduation recently can place their education qualification details above the professional experience details. Place the recent and related aviation field degree at the top followed by the other degrees. Mention details such as your company’s name, your job profile, year of passing (optional), and academic achievement during that year. Mention degrees such as the name of the degree, college name, year of passing, and major subjects.

Special Training:

A job in the airline industry needs special qualities and training. Mention the specialized training you have attended. Provide the details of any certifications you have cleared. If the airline company has mentioned that they are looking for candidates with any specialized training or certification and if you have cleared those training or certification, then mention it in your resume. Those applying for pilots or any technical jobs in the airline industry must emphasize their training section.


You can provide references if the employer needs them or you can list two to four references in your resume. Make sure that your resume is limited to 1 to 2 pages. If it is exceeding the second page, you can make the reference section short. Provide the contact and designation details of your referee.

There are various airline resumes on this site that you can use for reference when you are drafting your resume. Whether you are trying for a clerical or pilot job in the airline industry, there are several resumes for various job profiles in the airline industry.

These resumes will help you to have a proper approach to resume drafting. You will be able to highlight the essential details that will help you to get the job by creating the right impression on your recruiter. The airline resume must emphasize professional work experience, specialized training, skills, and education details.

You can find various types of Resume Samples which you can use to get your dream job. To download Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India from this website, copy all the post content, open your Microsoft Word document, paste it, or click on the download button and download Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India. You can also visit the Indian CV Format for your reference.

Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India

Air Hostess Resume For Freshers In India

Your Name

Email [email protected]
Cell phone number:

Career Objective

To fly high with a leading airline carrier and cater to the needs of its passengers, providing the highest standards of hospitality.

Personal Competence

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Can quickly adapt to a new environment.
  • Ambitious, Quick Learner, Hardworking, and result oriented.
  • Like to work in a team.
  • Passionate about work.
  • Outgoing and friendly.


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills.
  • Complete knowledge of handling an emergency situation and using emergency equipment.
  • Proficient in passing required information to passengers during emergencies.
  • Skilled in addressing and solving passengers’ queries in a professional manner.
  • Trained extensively in all in-flight operations and hospitality services.
  • Comfortable in educating passengers about fire and safety issues.
  • Familiar with different time zones and multi-cuisines.
  • Skilled in using first-aid tool kit and other medical equipment when needed.
  • Skilled to pay attention to minute details and a holistic approach to work.


  • B.COM
  • 10+2 standard
  • 10th standard


Three months of training in FPGDAHTCS course at Frankfinn Institute of air hostess training.

Computer Proficiency:

  • Knowledge of computer hardware
  • Knowledge of computer networking
  • Have sound knowledge of MS-Office


To be furnished upon request

Personal Details:

Marital Status:
Languages known:
Permanent Address: 


I declare that the information and the facts stated here above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am sure that I will take responsibility for my job and do my best for my job to all my superiors.




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